Vastu, a very old Indian science of structure has recommended how mankind can stay in tune with nature and gain out of it without disturbing the eco-balance. Vastu Shastra is the Vedic study of architecture, which follows certain principles and is aligned with certain beliefs. It is akin to the Oriental belief of Feng Shui. Vastu rests on the conception that every living and non-living thing on Earth has a soul. And souls react to the magnetic forces covering the Earth. By following Vastu principles people believe they stay in harmony with the cosmic energy, thus positively affecting their lives. Vastu shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND).

  • Green or yellow and a sour plot of land is said to be favourable for businessman, commercial places and financial institutions. Sweet, plain, fragment and a hard plot of land is suitable for building.
  • Slope towards north or east is said to be favourable. slope of the roof should be in north east corner.
  • An underground source of water, a well, a pond or a tap with a flight of stairs to the surface of water situated north, east or north east corner of a plot is said to be auspicious.
  • A plot between two bigger plots is not said to be auspicious.
  • A rectangular, circular or gomukhi plot of land is said to be auspicious in domestic vaastu. On the circular plot the building to should be in circular shape.
  • Paths on north or east to the plot are auspicious.
  • A temple, pillar or a ditch in front of the building is not considered to be auspicious.
  • A basement should not be constructed under a resiential plot.
  • The height of the ceiling of every story should be of 12 feet. it must not be less than 10 feet.
  • The owner of the commercial house should sit in south, west or south - western portion in such a way that he should be facing north or east.
  • The goods in the shop and showroom should be kept in south, west or north east.
  • No beam should be there over the cash counter, above the owner or the manager.
  • Entrance of the main office should be facing north or east.
  • Canteen should be built in Ageny Kona only.
  • Gates of all cabins should be open inwards.
  • Reception room should be near the entrance.
  • Decorative plants and flower pots can be planted in north, east or north - eastern part of the reception room.
  • Dining hall in a restaurant should be built in its western part. If necessary, it can be built in south and east also.
  • Room for patients should not be built to the south of the hospital.

The ancient Hindu science of Vastu Shastra is well known around the world. Known also as the "science of construction", the principles of Vastu Shastra focus on directional alignments, and how they can be used well in bringing peace and harmony to homes. Vastu for a home is considered important by many across the world today, as successful implementation of the Vastu principles have brought about significant positive changes in many peoples' lives. Vastu Shastra involves increasing the positive energy flow in a house, which results in a satisfactory and fulfilling life. Vastu for Home reinforces the fact that all directions have more or less same effects as long as the inner layout of the plot or flat designed as per Vastu principles. Vastu prefers North and East direction because designing the layout or the flat becomes easier if the plot is in these directions. For example, Vastu home says bedrooms should be in South or West directions. The south facing plot of flat will create issues in the designing of bedrooms. The mot important thing needs to be considered here is the design of the inner layout than the directions in which the plot or flat is facing. A properly designed flat facing South direction will yield good results rather than improperly designed flat or plot in North or East direction.

The best corner for kitchen in any house or property is south-east. It is considered the region of fire or symbolizes Lord "Agni". Since Indian homes are busy cooking on gas stoves, fire is a requirement for food preparation. The main staple ingredient of Indian meal- roti or chapatti is made using fire. Thus, south-eastern corner of the house is considered the best region for kitchen.

It is important to keep water away from fire or stove as water has opposite element. In case, it is important to use water or place sink, it must be used to the right of the burner or stove. Also, Indian homes have regular requirement of grains and cereals. They should be kept in the western corner of the room. In fact, south-west part of kitchen must be stuffed with food and related materials.

According to Vastu, it is important to face east while cooking. Facing east implies facing Sun as soon as it rises which is considered quite auspicious in Indian tradition. Similarly, there should not be any window exactly in front or exactly at the back while cooking. This would imply lack of taste while food is being cooked.

The bedroom is a very important place in a home. This is the room where relaxation takes center stage, and one would not want it to be hindered. Bedrooms constructed and designed keeping in mind the Vastu principles have been proved as relaxation enhancers. The direction of the bedroom is vital in order to experience the positive effect of the Vastu principles. The bedroom should be towards the south-west direction. The construction of the bed also plays a significant role. Wood should be the material used in the making of the bed, and should be given a rectangular shape. The colors used to paint the bedroom should not be too loud, as this has a negative effect on relaxation.

There are few points need to be considered in order to achieve the desired results to your home. The first thing is to place the idols in the right direction. Always stick close with the door placement. Strictly avoid the prescribed raw material while constructing the puja room.

Similar to other rooms, your bathroom demands extra attention as this is the place where you flush out the dirty things from your body. A good vastu consultant can help you place things like geyser on the right location and direction to ensure the best results.

The primary concern of every business is fame, name, goodwill and moreover wealth which every owner strives for. But Vastu says if this important place of business has defects in terms of building shape, position of owner's room & staff and placement of different sections, then problems like loss in business and slow or no growth seem to be common. A Vastu conformed office prospers in every way and enjoys good business growth, ability to control staff, earns good riches and flourishes in other prospects. Direction is not the only key factor that determines good or bad of office but the overall structure of building makes it auspicious for business purpose.

Generally handfuls of people consult Vastu for the construction of an office but they lately realize the effects that they endure once business is begun. To have the full benefit of office and reap riches from business, office should be constructed following Vastu principles. Here are some effective Vastu tips to design office building :

  • Office building should be facing East and also entrance should from here only.
  • Shape of office building should be regular as in square or rectangle but avoid any irregular or extended plot.
  • Extended direction like South or West in a plot is considered inauspicious and should be avoided.
  • Entrance of Office structure should not face T-point.
  • Water element should be placed in North-east only.
  • Electrical equipments such as generators, refrigerator, water cooler and transformer must be positioned in South-east zone.
  • Reception room should be near the entrance.
  • Avoid any kind of construction in North-east and if it is extended then do not place heavy material here. It is ideal to keep North-east vacant, well lit and clean. Owner of the business should have his cabin in South-west and must sit facing North while dealing with customers.
  • Stairs are ideal in South, South-west and North-west. Middle or centre of the building should be empty with no construction. Reception should ideally be built in North-east. Pantry if any in the office is placed in South-east.

The profound principles of vastu are applicable to every workspace. There is nothing superstitious about vastu. Rather, this science of construction and interiors is one of the most scientific ways of ensuring good health, high productivity and a happier ambiance in the work space. Simple techniques adopted in office arrangement can bring a perceivable change in the atmosphere. Remember, vastu shastra, contrary to common perceptions, does not always require demolition.

The entrance for offices, a large entrance is very desirable. This is one aspect that you should ensure because a large entrance not only aids energy movement, but also lends an impression of spaciousness, which has a positive influence on employees and visitors alike. Placing a water fountain or an aquarium in the northeast corner of entrance lobby is also a good idea because water is associated with soothing and calmness. Avoid placing fire elements in the entrance. Ensure that the area is well illuminated. If you have a religious inclination, you can place images of spiritual deities in the entrance lobby. If you do not want this, a vastu consultant can suggest strategic placement of vastu pyramids and other powerful objects. Preferably, entrance should be located facing east or north. Also, the entrance should not face a T-fork.

In most of the offices, the main working area is divided into several departments such as marketing, development, accounts and others. In addition, specific niches are required for executive cabins, stationary block which can house Xerox machines, papers and stationary, refreshments centers such as canteen. Several offices these days have a gym or fitness center as well. Vastu shastra provides specific guidelines for location of these departments so as to reap maximum gains.

Vastu gives a lot of importance the center point of the main working area. A circular, rectangular or square shaped portion in the center should be left free. Cabins, furniture and other fixtures should not be placed in this area. In addition to following vastu principles for prosperity, this guideline aids comfortable circulation.

Arrange employee cabins such that they face north or east when employees work. Executive should work facing the northwest and their cabin should be located in the south or southwestern corner. In addition to these, a vastu consultant can tell help you out with the placement of all office departments in accordance with the principles of vastu.

According to vastu, colors such as yellow, blue, green and shades of orange are good for offices. Red is avoided in the working area because it is a very aggressive color and might lead to employee conflicts. Yellow is a good color for the working area because it stimulates the mind and leads to better ideas and productivity. Blue and green are good for lobbies, entrance halls and common places. For the refreshment zone, orange is a good color because it increases appetite. Red is good for the fitness center of the office. Manipulating arrangement of colors, cabins, furniture and placing effective objects in certain niches can neutralize negative energies generated due to wrong directional aspects and infuse positivity in the office.

The real estate sector has been the lynchpin of the industries because it has seen an upward trajectory in recent times. Vastu for plot is an essential element since there is much negative energy that tends to create problems for the people. For commercial purposes the cabins constructed on the plot must be located in the southern section so that people are able to conduct their business in a seamless manner.

Accounts department

Finance can be termed as the life-blood of any organization and hence, accounts department is pivotal for your company. It is advisable to have your accounts department in the northeast section of your office. You can also have it in the southeast section. This will ensure that the Vastu will extract the maximum energy from natural forces and channel it to your accounts department. If you place it anywhere else, you may obstruct the natural flow of energy.


When visitors arrive at your office, they need to have a good first impression to make a positive frame of mind about your business. The best direction for a reception desk is the northeast and it is preferable for a receptionist to sit in the north or east direction for best results. You can decorate the reception area with vastu architecture, like wind chimes and door hangers.

Marketing and sales

In this modern age, it is not just enough to produce good products or services. You need to make the general public aware of the existence of your business. This is where marketing and sales department comes into the picture. You can position this department in the northwest corner. Workplace for field personnel, office drivers and other marketing staff can also be included in this space. You can enhance the area with special Vastu space enhancing kits, which you can get online as well. This department involves many meetings and hence, it is important to avoid circular tables. The circular shape disturbs the natural energy flow inside the room and you will end up taking no decisions.

Waste management

Every building and office will produce waste. You need to efficiently have a waste management mechanism in place. Wrong waste management policies can put the health of your staff at risk. You can put waste in the northwest corner, where the magnetic fields will not be disturbed.

  • The ideal location for the construction of Operation Theater is the west zone of the hospital.
  • In the operation theater, the machines or equipments should be placed in the southeast. The patient's head should be in the south, at the time of operation, inside the theatre.
  • In the operation theater, the medical apparatus should be kept in the south, southwest or west side of the patients' bed.
  • In the consultation room, the doctor should sit at south, west or southwest side only and the patients should sit before him.
  • 'L' shape is more important at doctor's consultation room. This 'L' shape should be raised only to the northeast direction. It will definitely bring prosperity to the head of the Institution or the doctor.
  • The patient's room should be well ventilated and have openings in the northeast, to allow the entry of positive rays that will help them in healing and recovering soon.
  • The store room for keeping the medical apparatus should be in the southwest, west or south direction only. It should always be in a higher place than the flooring of the main hospital.
  • The emergency patients should be located in the southwest room, for immediate recovery and healing.
  • The right place for the drinking water is the northeast portion. For bathrooms, the apt location is the eastern or northern side of the hospital.
  • Shelves or racks of medical books can be placed in the south or west direction.
  • Southeast direction room would be just apt for X-Ray purposes.Southeast and northwest zones are both suitable for the construction of nurses' quarters.
  • The perfect location for changing room and toilet is south or west.
  • The entrance of the Hospital should face either east or north.
  • Open space means more at east, ishan (Northeast), north than south,west and southwest corners.
  • Open space at agneya (Southeast) and vayavya (Northwest) should be equal.
  • One opinion in the minds of the quacks and uneducated people is trees should not be at house and shadow of the tree should not be impression at any part of the house, its totally wrong idea and not correct.
  • Plant trees at all parts of the house(except Ishan), but follow these small hints.
  • Heavy trees at South, West, southwest corners and Agneya (Southeast), Vayavya (Northwest)sides.
  • Creepers and small plants at East, North, Northeast corners.,better to avoid trees at Ishan corner, if you strongly wish you can develop grass at Ishan corner.
  • Plenty of Air flowing should be to the house from Ishan,East,North sides, to avail this facility we should provide doors or windows at these sides.
  • Construction of building at South, West, Southwest sides are height (higher) than North, East, Northeast sides.
  • No peace and quarrels at house if there is a well at Agneya, Vayavya and the well is appear at south,west,southwest corners then inmates has to face financial crisis,heavy burdens, health problems, once in a moment deaths are also happen.
  • There is no question of Vaastu Pooja at house, its a waste of time and money, vastu is science, and its not a deity.
  • If new (or old) house purchased, first do paints to the home, clean and join & enjoy
  • If west portion is height than East portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without disturbing this natural power i.e., height at West side.
  • If south portion is height than north portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without disturbing this natural power i.e., height at South side.
  • Actually there should not be 5 corners in a house, but its auspicious if 5th corner is at Ishan (Northeast) side.
  • Don't provide Doors at Southwest corner, the same forwarded to windows also.
  • To dig for the foundation, first starts from Ishan corner, then go to East and North, thereafter go to agneya, vayavya, south,west, and last at southwest.
  • Filling the foundation digs with concrete (pillars) first at southwest corner, later South, West, Agneya, Vayavya, last at East, North and finally at Ishan (Northeast) corners.
  • Plan to fix the doors to open inside, not outside, inside opening of the doors is luck to the inmates and it welcomes the natural power or energy.
  • Flooring heights are should be like this way, north to south, and east to west. Ishan to Southwest corners.
  • A vastu home has to be aligned with the cardinal directions thereby reflecting the Vedic concept of the universe. Don't place disturbing works of art such as those depicting war and misery as they may bring about negative energy.

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